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Next Chapter: Device Magic & GoCanvas Are Joining Forces

Posted by Elaine Christie

gocanvas and device magic join forces


Everyone would agree wholeheartedly that the business world has changed a LOT in the past couple of years. 

In many ways, the Device Magic team has had front-row seats to this business revolution. The last two years have seen a big transition as companies move their field work operations from manual to automated processes. 

We’ve been working nonstop to help businesses modernize their operations to achieve speed, efficiency, and growth. To continue that momentum – and deliver an awesome customer experience – Device Magic is thrilled to be joining forces with GoCanvas! 

This exciting news means that we can DO more and BUILD more for you, our customer. Even better — zero action is required on your part and you don’t have to relearn or reconfigure anything in your regular day-to-day routine.

Why Two Are Better Than One: How This Benefits Our Customers

This is truly a win-win for both products.

GoCanvas launched in 2008 to create a mobile forms solution that would improve mobile productivity and data capture for all workers. A few years later, in 2011, Device Magic launched with a similar mission. Both companies have built impressive platforms that make it simple to automate work processes. 

Device Magic’s software can plug-and-play with your current business environment. The platform is flexible, highly configurable, and offers seamless integrations to help businesses succeed. (Curious to see it in action? Contact us here to set up your demo.)

Likewise, the GoCanvas platform is easy-to-use, with customer success enabled onboarding that ensures speed when implementing the software. Customers love the ability to create robust and embedded analytics to report on key business metrics. 

Combined we can maximize our resources and expertise. We can accomplish more, and in less time, to deliver the best customer experience possible.

Joining forces means we can help your business in a few key areas: 

  • Do more with less. Eliminate tedious manual processes and redundant requests to get more work done faster. 
  • Connect the people that matter to your business. Collaborate and communicate between your extended teams in real-time all in one place.  
  • Grow your business with data insights. Get visibility into your operations, identify and address risks quickly, and improve your customer service. 

What’s changing? 

Joining forces with GoCanvas means we can accelerate the way we support our customers with best-in-class work process software. Businesses need to prepare for the unexpected in a fast-changing world, and we’re here to help unlock their productivity.

This partnership allows us to:

  • Innovate and improve our products faster
  • Put our collective 25 years of expertise to work for our customers
  • Provide a best-in-class customer experience

What’s not changing? 

You won’t see any day-to-day product changes (except for our regular feature launches and improvements). 

Shared Values on Customer Experience

GoCanvas CEO Viyas Sundaram, who will lead the combined organization, says this change will make it easier to align customers with the best-fit solution to meet their needs. 

Looking Ahead 

Again, you won’t see any immediate changes or impacts to your work process software. We’ll continue to offer you the same great software that saves you money, keeps your team connected, and reduces risks with real-time business insights.

We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve built so far. To everyone who’s been on this journey with us so far, thank you! We can’t wait to see where we go from here! 

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