Mobile forms for construction

Device Magic’s mobile data collection software makes it simple for construction companies to build custom forms, checklists and inspections to submit on mobile.

Construction reporting solutions

Daily construction reports, safety assessments, quality inspections – complete them on mobile devices to submit and log data instantly. Build custom forms with a drag-and-drop form builder and send them to directly to your teams’ devices.

Speak to a Device Magic consultant to learn how mobile forms are being used in your industry.

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Discover countless construction industry forms and customization options

  • Daily Job Progress Report

    Monitor project progress and identify areas in need of efficiency improvements with daily report submissions.

  • Field Incident Report

    Easily track details and gather accurate records of any work-related injuries or illnesses.

  • Maintenance Work Order

    Reduce equipment downtime with the ability to instantly submit maintenance or repair work orders.

  • Job Estimate

    Quickly and accurately provide job estimates to secure bids before your competitors.

  • Timesheet

    Accurately capture all billable hours from your field teams with mobile timesheet forms.

  • Preventive Maintenance Checklist

    Avoid unnecessary facility or asset repair costs with regular inspections to cover your preventive maintenance criteria.

  • Jobsite Safety Analysis

    Protect the health and safety of your employees and cover all compliance procedures to ensure safe working environments.

  • PPE Inspection Checklist

    Ensure the safety of your employees with thorough personal protective equipment (PPE) inspection guidelines and supply requirements.