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Why Strong Customer Support is Crucial to Digital Data Collection Success

Posted by Jennifer Herman

Customer support services are crucial to successful digital data collection.

You have finally convinced your company to digitize its data collection process. You’re setting them on a path to faster, more accurate data capture by eliminating paperwork and onboarding data collection software. Fortunately, there are a ton of software options to facilitate the transformation. But chances are, this digital overhaul is just one of the items on your overflowing plate.

That’s when it’s time to investigate customer support services. And when it comes to data collection software options, there are three main customer support categories you want to make sure they offer:

  1. Free onboarding assistance
  2. Free resources & help center access
  3. Forms building & management services

Free Onboarding Assistance

Making the switch to digital forms brings a ton of value to a business. However, onboarding new data collection software can seem a bit overwhelming. There’s several moving parts to consider:

  • Getting familiar with the platform
  • Building your first forms
  • Integrating the new tool with your existing systems
  • Discovering all the utilization opportunities
  • Rolling it out to your teams

We’re not listing these to make your head spin. These are all steps that you can get free assistance with if you choose a software provider with a dedicated onboarding support program.

Device Magic’s Onboarding Support

Device Magic’s customer success and support team works with our customers to ensure a seamless onboarding journey. “The primary focus of the team is to ensure the business challenges our clients face are solved using our tool. This starts by first understanding our client’s challenges and how to best measure success,” explains Dave Moore, our vice president of customer success.

The team works with customers to provide a range of onboarding support services. Many of our new users just need a little kickstart. In these cases, we build their first form for free. For hands-on learners, we guide them through the form creation process with a demo of our drag-and-drop mobile form builder. Many of our users come to us with system integration and software customization needs. This is when onboarding support can become crucial for successful implementation. Our team works with these customers to make sure their specific needs are met.

Free Resources & Help Center Access

This is a big one for “DIYers.” While you enjoy getting in there and figuring things out yourself, access to support along the way is still crucial. DIYer or not, you want to find a data collection software solution with free, 24/7 access to an online help center, including a comprehensive resource library.

Device Magic’s Resource & Help Center Support

  • Online Help Center Library: Access hundreds of product tutorials, articles and video guides. The library is organized by popular support topics – everything from getting started with Device Magic to app integrations to troubleshooting assistance.
  • In-App Resources: Once you download the Device Magic mobile forms app on your smartphone, you automatically gain direct access to how-to videos, our help center and dozens of prebuilt form templates you can use and/or customize for a variety of use cases.
  • Live Chat: Contact our support team through our in-app and online chat functions. Reach out with any questions you have, and one of our actual team members (not a robot) will respond to help you with your question or issue.

Form Building & Management Services

Getting your first form built for free is a great perk. However, for many of you, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You’ve made the decision to bring on a data collection software solution because you have several, if not dozens or even hundreds, of paper forms you need to switch to digital formats. That’s when form building and management support adds significant value by removing a lot off of your plate.

Device Magic’s Form Building & Management Support

Our team offers a full spectrum of support in this category to help our customers build and deploy forms faster, and see a quick return on their investment. We provide two tiers of white glove form management services:

  1. Standard Services – Our team of experts will work with you to build, configure and maintain all of your forms and templates. They’ll also handle any changes or updates to your forms. Just tell us what you need and we’ll handle the backend.
  2. Premium Services – This tier adds a dedicated support manager and service level agreement that’s tailored to your professional needs. This support package is an ideal option for customers who need to expedite rollout to streamline critical operations and business processes.

Device Magic Customer Support Success Stories

Here’s a couple examples of customers who recently finished successful onboarding and implementation journeys with the help of our dedicated support team.

  • TransAlta Corporation is a global electric power generation company that needed to replace the data collection app they were using at one of their facilities in Ontario, Canada. They reached out to Device Magic because they needed more customization and destination options to improve operational efficiencies. Our team worked closely with Joe Abel, a wind technician at TransAlta, to help him implement dispatch workflows to standardize field task completion timelines across the facility. From there, Abel also incorporated intelligent fields with pre-populated information, such as turbine numbers, so the technicians were able to complete forms quickly without having to deal with manual calculations. Device Magic’s customization capabilities and support far exceeded their previous system, and the facility has already seen improvements in data quality. Abel also noted that the technicians who struggled with their previous app were pleased that Device Magic is intuitive and easy-to-use.
  • The facilities management department at an Ivy League university needed a way to tag assets across campus and allow their facility technicians to quickly submit building data into their existing facility management software. They reached out to Device Magic because they needed an offline-capable, digital forms solution they could easily customize and pre-populate with information that their technicians could reference when tagging the assets, such as CAD PDFs and building blueprints. Our support team worked with one of their software engineers to leverage our API and write a script that sent submissions of the asset tagging form directly to their facility management software. After the asset tagging pilot went well, they were able to create and deploy a new use case for inventory tracking in just a few days. The new processes have enabled the department to start a digital record to track and manage campus assets moving forward. This has set them up for improved replacements and budgetary planning.

Moral of the story: customer support is important. It’s crucial to enlist a data collection software solution that not only offers the right features and functionality, but also a dedicated support team and services. Let us handle the heavy lifting so you can tackle the other items on your to-do list.

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