Web Forms App

Device Magic’s web forms app provides your team with the ability to complete and submit forms from their desktop computers, laptops or any web-based device. Delivering the full functionality and experience of our mobile forms app, the web forms app is designed to accommodate today’s hybrid workforce. Gain access to the same data collection capabilities whether you’re using a smartphone or a desktop computer.


Web Forms App
Dispatch web forms

Streamline workflows with dispatch for web forms

Dispatch functionality across our web and mobile forms apps provides a solution to common workflow challenges, such as approval sign-offs on collected form data. Automate data collection across your entire team by creating dispatch workflows between mobile- and web-based users. Send dispatch forms with pre-loaded data, such as job location or details for a work order, to web forms app users.

Web Forms - Available for any Digital Device

Complete forms anytime, anywhere, from virtually any digital device

Device Magic's web forms app makes it simple to collect valuable data from your entire team. Office- and home-based employees can access fillable forms on their laptops, desktop computers or other web-supported devices. Simply log in to the app using your web forms username or device authentication method.

Capture images, sketch on photos, geo-tag submission locations

Access the same multimedia functions whether you’re using our mobile or web forms  app. Upload or snap a photo with your device’s camera, sketch annotations, and submit it. While location won’t vary as much for your office and home-based employees, geo-tagging functionality facilitates organized record keeping and audits.

Collect and submit digital signatures

Client approvals, internal sign-offs and other digital signature needs are all possible using Device Magic’s web forms app. Once the form’s complete, signed copies will be sent to your selected destinations and stored in the cloud so you’ll have permanent, accessible records.

Leverage intelligent fields to capture accurate data

With conditional logic, calculated questions and required fields, you can make sure your team is capturing everything they need to be, regardless of the device they are using to complete their forms.

Customize the App for Your Professional Needs

Build forms that are tailored to your business needs using Device Magic’s mobile form builder. Whether you need an inspection checklist app, field safety app, site surveying app, or otherwise, Device Magic adapts to your intended use.

Once you’ve created your forms, you can easily distribute them to your team on the forms apps.

Forms can then be submitted on smartphones via the mobile forms app. Or submitted on laptops, desktop computers and other web-supported devices via the web forms app. Whichever method best suits your team’s needs, it’s possible with Device Magic.