Streamline Fire Inspections and Improve Safety with Device Magic

Device Magic empowers fire protection service providers, facility managers, and fire departments with a user-friendly digital solution that streamlines fire inspections, ensures compliance with regulatory standards, and ultimately improves safety.
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Device Magic's Fire Protection Visual
Geo-located Dispatches seen on computer screen

Efficient Dispatch and Scheduling

Streamline technician assignments with location-based scheduling. Send off one-off dispatches or easily schedule batches of uploaded jobs, make changes in our editor, and send them to your team's devices.

Maximize their day with easy-to-access information, including the ability to optimize their routes by viewing locations in a built-in map with accessible directions.

Man inspecting fire safety equipment using digital forms on tablet.

Simplified Inspections and Compliance

Ensure seamless compliance with built-in form templates for inspections. Collect data offline, reducing errors and saving time with auto-filled information about job numbers or customer details uploaded during dispatch or through available integrations. Add digital signature capture for real-time sign-offs.

Use barcodes or NFC tags? No worries, Device Magic can use either in the inspection process.

Two men in fire safety gear collecting fire protection deficiencies.

Automatic Deficiency Management

Automatically collect and organize deficiencies as technicians fill out forms. Generate work orders and send them to the right recipients, reducing downtime and potential errors associated with manual processes. Effortlessly track statuses and prioritize incoming work for effective follow-up.

Woman accessing work orders from computer browser.

Hassle-free Work Orders and Maintenance

Auto-generate proposals and work orders, integrating deficiency data straight from your team's inspection forms. Eliminate manual effort by automating scheduling and reducing the potential for errors. Conveniently access work orders from any browser for seamless back-office management.

Man in office smiling at computer.

Time-saving Invoicing

Deliver professional invoices directly to customers with automated scheduling. Streamline your financial operations by eliminating manual invoice generation. With Device Magic, invoicing becomes effortless, allowing you to focus on the important tasks at hand.

Empowering Compliance, Enhancing Safety, Saving Time, Reducing Complexity

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    Custom Workflows

Discover countless fire protection forms

  • Fire Alarm and Signaling

    Ensure safety with updated fire detection and emergency communication regulations, including mass notification for various threats.

  • Water Based Fire Protection Systems

    Streamline water-based fire protection system maintenance, testing, and inspection. Ensure effective response in a fire emergency.

  • Portable Fire Extinguishers

    Ensure reliable portable fire extinguisher use to provide a first line of defense against small fires.

  • Dry Chemical Extinguishing Systems

    Ensure reliable functioning of dry chemical fire extinguishing systems for life and property fire protection.

  • Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives

    Protect against the spread of fire and smoke with these standards for the maintenance and installation of fire doors and other devices.

  • Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems

    Manage requirements for total flooding and local application clean agent fire extinguishing systems so they will work properly when needed

  • CO2 Extinguishing Systems

    Optimize fire safety for CO2 fire-extinguishing systems. Ensure reliable functionality throughout equipment lifespan.

  • Life Safety Code

    Upgrade life safety practices with ease. Taking into account building features that reduce fire hazards, this form covers new and existing structures.

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