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Star Connect makes the mesh triangulation process easier then ever before, by introducing its own mode. Easily determine how your mesh should be triangulated, you have complete control.



Star Connect

The triangulation algorithms overtake, which results are not always in your favor.


Star Connect

You save time and energy with tools made especially for solving this problem.

Star Connect Basic

Instead of joining the verts each by each you can connect all at once.

Star Connect Mode

Experience a new mode with smart bevel detection and intuitive tools to bring your triangulation at its best. Including a blender-like selection, undo and redo system to feel familiar from the first moment.

What to expect

Main Features

Start by entering the Star Connect Mode 

Besides star connections you can easily bridge bevels faster then ever before.

Edit all bevels of a face at the same time, even with automatic connections.

Split large bevels to avoid steep angles.

Cylinder? No problem! Select it and youre done.

Find all features as well as installation and update guides.

Performant and reliable

Realworld Demo

That’s how it will look on a more complex model. 

Get started easily

In-Depth Tutorial

Learn more about how and when to use which features.

Support & Community

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