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Section Box is the most complete Blender addon for architectural visualization, product design, and more. Effortlessly create stunning views, precise cross sections, and even complex elevations. With everything at your fingertips, integrated seamlessly into your workflow.

Main Features

Intuitive and Dynamic

The Section Box

Instantiate Section Boxes around selected objects, collections, or wherever you want.

Exact Information

Cross Sections

Create stunning cross sections easier than ever before, and they’re fully customizable.

An Experience


Generating breathtaking elevations becomes an experience, with a section or by themselves.

Fast delivery

DXF Export

Export sections and elevations as DXF files, divided into separate layers of course.



Transform your designs to new heights with outstanding views. You have full control.

Preset System

Setup Views

Save different states as views and go back to them whenever you want.

Matchless Visuals

Fully Animatable​

Keyframe any setting you need to produce everything you want.

You can even animate the whole section box, perfect for outstanding visuals.

Quality guaranteed

Made with a Professional

Section Box was designed with the help of an professional architect with the aim to implement these important features known from Autodesk in Blender. That’s what he is saying about the result:

This is a must-have tool for all architects and designers

 working with Blender, great work!

Robert Janega

More Information

Start easy

Beginner Tutorial

Learn how to use Section Box and what’s possible with it.

Learn more

Elevation Tutorial

Create stunning elevations with Section Box, here is how!

Detailed explanations and News

Documentation & Changelog​

Find all features and the changelog as well as installation and update guides.

Support & Community

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to message me via Ask a Question, Discord or send an E-Mail to support@rubenmesserschmidt.comAlso, suggestions and criticism are welcome.

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Thanks and enjoy.

Stay creative and have fun!

Ruben Messerschmidt



Thanks to Robert Janega for suggesting this addon and
providing the animated building asset as well as many great ideas for this project!

“VDCVR202102” ( by ar.sunnygupta99 is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (